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You'll find Episode 1 below on this page. Scroll down and enjoy it with our compliments. It's available only for a limited time so consider purchasing the full Betrayal Series.

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What is Hope Based On?

Dear Friends,

I've received so many heartfelt emails and comments from people all around the world that I am truly touched and humbled. Thank you very much for allowing me to contribute to your health and the health of your family.

I wanted to share a common thread in my conversations - that hope is based on knowledge. That, through education about the root causes of chronic diseases, you can start to make progress and feel better. It's when you learn what is truly causing your condition and what to do about it, that you regain hope.

If you don't yet own the Betrayal Series, I urge you to get it. And, then, go ahead and share it with your loved ones. Share the knowledge, and the hope.


Dr. Tom O'Bryan



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